Castle Crush! 推倒城堡!

推倒城堡!  Castle Crush! 
遊戲年齡:8歲以上 / Suggested age: 8 and up
玩家人數:1~4人 / Number of Players: 1-4
遊戲時間:15~30分 / Playing time: 15-30 minutes

遊戲簡介 Introduction

Players build a strong castle by using 6 types of blocks. They attack opponents' castles by the wooden hammer. The winner is who gains the most scores.

宣傳影片 Promote Video
2014 Tokyo Game Market Spring promote video: Let's play Castle Crush!

2013 Tokyo Game Market autumn promote video : How to play

2013 Tokyo Game Market autumn,the first prototype

MSRP: 1600 NTD / 5500 JPY / 53.40USD / 32 GBP
(excluding tax and shipping fee)
If you are interested in ordering Castle Crush!, please email us. Thank you very much!

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